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Oda Relicta - Leper Mass

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  • Oda Relicta - Leper Mass
    Oda Relicta - Leper Mass

CD | ESW.TWR.155 | Total time: 43:10 | Released in 2008 | 12 audio tracks + digipak

Oda Relicta's third album will show the true beauty of the liturgical chants in their more primitive expression. This is a master piece, very intense, atmospheric and deep, a work sound unique and very personal.



  1. Leper Mass Introitus
  2. Leper Mass pt I
  3. Leper Mass pt II
  4. Leper Mass pt III
  5. Leper Mass pt IV
  6. Leper Mass pt V
  7. Leper Mass pt VI
  8. Leper Mass pt VII
  9. Leper Mass pt VIII
  10. Leper Mass pt IX
  11. Leper Mass pt X
  12. Leper Mass Outroitus



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