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My Lament - Broken Leaf

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  • My Lament - Broken Leaf
    My Lament - Broken Leaf

CD | ESW.SOL.028 | Total time: 54:00 | Released in 2009 | 8 audio tracks + 8 pages booklet with lyrics


«Revelation from this Belgian band with their debut album “Broken Leaf”! The first album of MY LAMENT consists of eight powerful, perfectly recorded songs, which have a balance between cruelty of ATARAXIE and melodic lines of OFFICIUM TRISTE and SATURNUS. Brilliant playing skills of the musicians with great sound separate MY LAMENT from a lot of modern bands in this style, and put their music on same line with the famous bands of doom death metal scene!» - Solitude Productions



1. Broken Leaf (intro)
2. The Shepherd Of Sorrow
3. Silent Nights
4. My Damnation Deep
5. The Soilseeker
6. Her Dark Smile
7. The Burden Of Doubt
8. Vilest Of Men