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Revelations Of Rain - Emanation Of Hatred

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  • Revelations Of Rain - Emanation Of Hatred
    Revelations Of Rain - Emanation Of Hatred

CD | ESW.SOL.038 | Total time: 48:00 | Released in 2010 | 7 audio tracks + 16 pages booklet with lyrics


«The third full-length album of the Russian band further develops ideas of the previous albums. Revelations of Rain presents high-standard uncompromising doom death metal. Even more heavy material featuring high record quality is close to early Evoken works and is saturated with depressive mood of estrangement and deep thoughts of world futility. Forget about violins, roses and romanticism: only gloom and hate fill this undoubted pearl of the genre. With their new record Revelations of Rain confirm their status of one of the best Russian doom metal bands.» - Solitude Productions



1. Time
2. Our Cathedral
3. Antithesis Of Life
4. Salvia Divinorum
5. Hidden
6. Mortido
7. In Expectation Of Awakening