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Revelations Of Rain - Revelations Of Rain

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  • Revelations Of Rain - Revelations Of Rain
    Revelations Of Rain - Revelations Of Rain

CD | ESW.SOL.025 | Total time: 63:00 | Released in 2009 | 10 audio tracks + 8 pages booklet with lyrics in russian


«The second, self-titled album of russian doom/death metal band Revelations of Rain (Otkroveniya Dozhdya).
Professionally recorded by extended to quintet line-up at Primordial Studio (known for such bands as Abstract Spirit and Twilight Is Mine) album became a new step in the band’s progress. Compared to the previous record, new material shows a conversion to more melodic and at the same time more gloomy and dismal side of doom/death metal.
Highly recommended for fans of such bands as Officium Triste and Mourning Beloveth.»
- Solitude Productions



1. Monologue Of Eternity (intro)
2. I Left Myself Here…
3. On The Transparent Eyes
4. Winter Grief
5. Empire Of White Light
6. Dreams I – Solution
7. Dreams II – Pattern
8. Dreams III – Our Fears
9. Grey Anger Of Autumn
10. Apotheosis Of Monumental Silence